Friday, March 3, 2017

Turning with the Wheel

With my birthday weekend upon me, I find myself once again looking within to feel what changes have occurred over the years as well as to consider those yet to come. 

My personal nature has always held a strong connection with the notion of impermanence; the chaotic, yet guaranteed reality of change, and welcomes it like a comforting embrace. Like water, I thrive on movement, change, and seeking new pathways yet to be forged. When caught in pockets of my own life where I find stagnation has taken hold, I tend toward introspective suspension or thrash about in desperation (quiet or otherwise) in the hopes of regaining or creating that inherent sense of mobility. Whether crashing through and over, or slowly but surely wearing away, barriers are temporary to water, and it is usually in these moments, whether in patience or action, that water exhibits its true natural strength. 

With another year come and gone, and one new looming on the horizon, I continue to move with the wheel, changing with the seasons and finding rebirth in the sweetest or most trying of times. Some shifts are easier than others, but all remind me of the endurance of impermanence, and so with every barrier, every change, every fall, I reemerge once again whole, renewed, and bearing the knowledge and strength of my previous forms. 

Whether coursing through the earth, rising as steam pulled from a heated source, or falling from the sky, water continues, and so shall I. 

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