Saturday, March 11, 2017

Caught in the Echo Chamber

Why is it that so many find it such a great task to find validation in their own worth, existence, or production? Granted, there are also those who never seem to cease in finding reason to call to attention to each and every success, but even in those instances, are they truly celebrating their self worth or simply using a louder projection in order to seek validation of their efforts?

Humans are naturally multifaceted beings, which in turn brings out the natural curiosity as to how others may perceive the many sides and faces that produce an individual. Though we may be multifaceted, however, we're not all reflective, and to treat one another as a mirror not only permeates a wrongful truth about yourself, but also about them as well. To regard one another as true independent beings is to also regard yourself as one. It is understandable as an action in regards to needing to meet on a common ground, but in terms of seeking reflection, why look for your own face in someone else?

With today's seemingly never-ending platforms at hand, we have a much larger expanse within which to explore not only ourselves but also our world as a whole. Producing our own projections of reality as well as being (theoretically) receptive of others'. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and communicate with those who may never have had a voice or ear before. But often instead of allowing for this truly symbiotic exchange to occur, it would seem the relative safety and pseudo-comfort of merely projecting in the hopes of receiving a response solely related to said projection takes precedence. 

Perhaps in these instances, we're not seeking actual reflection, but an echo of our own voice carried on the wind, reverberating and coming back as though from an outside source. In doing this, are we waiting for the echo of our own perception or merely hoping to hear the resonating proof of others beyond our own range? 

Whereas in the past the only means of receiving such an echo came from a vicinity likened to that of a small hill at best, today our carrying range is akin to standing atop a mountain and calling out into the clouds. The echos and voices which may return are inherently scattered, nameless, and of unknown origin. If in seeking validation we cannot fully trust our own voice, how can we put so much trust into those who have never seen the actual ground we stand upon? 

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