Friday, February 24, 2017

A Waking Wind

Despite the beautifully bright weather today, my mind feels excessively clouded. Whether from the tail-end of the cold I've been battling or the sense of impending change, my mind absolutely cannot settle. I'll pick up a book and begin to read, only to find a page or so later that I've not only been completely oblivious to the words on the page, but equally so to the thoughts that are running through my mind. 

There is a strange sense of excitement without knowing the source, as though my mind has been filled with the buzzing and humming of a thousand worker bees sensing the beginning of spring.  

I suppose it could be a natural sense of restlessness brought on by the inhalation of the first breath of the wakening earth. Being on the cusp of change from the quiet and introspective calm of winter to the rush of newborn energy and inspiration of spring can do wonders to the mind, body and spirit. 

Winter's embrace loosens more and more each day, heralding the rapid approach of new beginnings. Those who have spent the cold months in dormant repose will likely respond to this shift like a wave of oxygen reawakening on a cellular level. For others who found themselves well protected in chrysalides, however, this shift may present itself as the first glimmer of light piercing through a secure confinement. Like standing on the edge of a great frozen lake, cracks in the ice are now forming, shooting out like couriers of transformation. 

For those who stand on the shore of that lake, the cracks in the ice mark the impending revelation of a new reflection, waiting beneath the surface. A question now hovering in the air; how will one greet the face that will look back?

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