Monday, April 10, 2017

The Bee at the Door

There are some moments that you just don't know what to make of. The logical mind would say coincidence is keeping life interesting, ancestors might say that a message was being sent through circumstance, even the spiritual of today might find purpose or hidden meaning in the event of the unexpected. 

My own take in these moments is to apply any and all perspectives, not just to maintain balance in my own response, but to also genuinely consider the possible origins. 

I had such a moment this morning, and I'm taking it for what it was: A very interesting, entertaining, slightly creepy, but wonderful surprise. 

I woke early this morning with the sun rising, feeling like someone was standing outside my bedroom door. Now, on most mornings I'd assume it was my husband in the middle of getting set for his day, but I knew that he'd already left. My next consideration was perhaps my son had gotten up early, so I pulled myself out of my bed and pattered over to the door and opened it. 

At first I didn't see anything other than our two cats staring up me with looks of alarm and curiosity on their faces, then I saw a small dark figure that seemed to be looking up at me from the threshold of my door. Still a bit bleary eyed with sleep, I bent low and reached out a hand to touch it, thinking it was likely a piece of massed fuzz or something else the cats had batted toward the door. 
It was not.

As it took form in front of me, my eyes finally sharpening to their normal focus, I realized that it was a massive bumblebee, and I mean massive. Not quite queen-level, but large enough.  
My first thought was to catch it and release it in my yard, so I did, not being able to see where it went into the grass as is the case with most insect catch-and-release moments (always leaving you wondering whether they made it safely away or perhaps slipped and reentered your home). In this case, I had gone far enough out into the yard to know that it had not come back in.

As I reentered the house, a thought occurred to me that left me both reeling and laughing. As I've said in past posts, I'm currently working on a book, a story about a place where the Otherworld and our own intersects. One of the very last things I'd written in my story was about a door that appeared (that shouldn't have) with an iron doorknob that depicted a golden bee welded onto it. The door had been knocked, but there had been no direct response. And yet here I was, finding a bee at my own door.

Between that and the curious role that bees play in my book (added to the fact that bees are not due to be seen in our area for another month), this moment was a very entertaining surprise, and not one that I'm entirely willing to lose the magic of. 

Mere coincidence, a visit from the Otherworld, or sheer strange timing, I'm happy with all options, but there is no denying that this was a very interesting morning. 

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